5 Reason We Are the Worst At Drinking Water (and What To Do About Them)

We know water is insanely healthy for us, with all the benefits (better skin, faster metabolism, hydrated muscles, etc) that we go through a lot more effort and expensive products to try to achieve. So why can’t we take this obvious and cost efficient step to get our water intake up and get healthier?

Here are the 5 reasons we came up with. And why they’re all kind of bogus:

  1. We’re busy and can’t remember – this is a big one. Between meetings, taking care of family/kids/pets, answering emails/texts and that Insta comment, trying to remember to drink water throughout the day just doesn’t get the mindspace it needs.
    Solution:Plan and set a goal – 24 ounce water bottle? You’ll need about 2.5 of those to hit the lowest recommended level of 64 ounces of water per day. That’s 1 bottle by lunch, 1 bottle by dinner, and another half a bottle by bedtime. Minimal thought and much easier than trying to count 8 glasses.
  1. We’re drinking coffee and other beverages – early morning meetings are bad enough without having to worry about face planting on the desk in front of your coworkers. So we pump the caffeine instead and hope for the best.
    Solution:Hydration actually improves energy levels, brain function, memory, and focus. We’ve heard some health and fitness friends say that drinking 32 oz of cold water first thing in the morning is as good as coffee. You don’t necessary have to go that extreme, but try a glass of ice water the next time you need a pick me up. Plus, you’ll save about $100 a month by just cutting 1 coffee drink per day.
  1. Water tastes boring – water just doesn’t have the allure of delicious, taste-bud exploding flavors.
    Solution:Think like a spa – ever wonder why their water taste so much better? It’s the mint/cucumber/strawberries they infused. Now you can DIY.
  1. We’re craving sugar– we’re guilty of this; the sugar addiction is real. At best, we go with a juice, at worst, hello Taco Bell Baja Blasts.
  1. We’re too full from meals or snacks – sometimes we’re so full on that sandwich and lasagna and cookies and chips and chocolate covered almonds that we just don’t have room left for water.
    Solution:Drink water before snacking and meals! Not only will you benefit from the other pros of drinking more water, but it’ll satiate your appetite and cut down on unhealthy calories. We’re betting that like us, you won’t be too upset at losing a couple extra pounds as a side effect.

The benefits of hydration really are endless. You can find our favorites here. We’re determined to overcome our excuses to get to better skin and get healthier, and we can do it with these tips and tricks, you can too!

Get hydrating!